United Forklift has been in business serving the Industrial communities by providing an
effective Forklift Certification and training Program. We believe an effective program is one of
the most important steps that an employer can take to ensure the
SAFETY of all employees,
particularly whose job duties places them in a potentially hazardous situation.

The Operation of powered industrial trucks is very serious business. Each year, operators are
unnecessarily injured or even killed because they were not trained, or were careless in their
performance of their jobs. Remember, The more employees who know the about the operation
of your truck the safer your job site will be.

United Forklift power industrial truck Operator Training  
Programs are model specific programs. The training programs provide the basics in material
handling and powered industrial truck operation SAFETY. Model specific programs take over
from there to provide training for your operators on the specific training so that operators are
taught safe lift truck practices in the environment they will be working in.

Thorough initial operator training is a very important part of the development of safe,
proficient operators but it is only the beginning. Your operator's initial training must be
reinforcement  of proper lift truck operation helps eliminate dips in your safety cycle.

By the end of the Training program we fulfilled in providing a safe and productive work
environment for all lift truck operators creating a since of awareness for themselves and
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Professional Training
We take pride in training operators in the
safe use of
ALL makes and models of lift
trucks. Through a comprehensive range
of Operator Training Programs, at United
Forklift Training Center or at your
premises. United Forklift will tailor training
sessions to meet your individual
organizational needs, including :
•        Drivers Training and forklift

•        Safety Awareness

•        Operator’s Responsibility

•        Refresher Courses

•        Capacities and Specification

•        Per-operating Checks

•        Operation Techniques

•        Battery Maintenance and
Upon final assessment of each training program,
operators receive a Certificate of Achievement.
Registered assessors also issue accredited licenses
upon successful completion of the Driver Training